ALL Dogs Have the Potential to be their BEST at Agility

How Agility Dogs Become Superstars

In my article 6 Vital Tips This Dog Agility Trainer Needs You to Embrace, the second item I share is: “ALL Dogs Have the Potential to be their BEST at Agility Yes, that means your healthy dog! All that matters is that you want your dog to experience joy and satisfaction in agility, all while performing […]

3 Traits of a Successful Agility Handler

How Handlers Begin to Create Superstar Agility Dogs

In my article 6 Vital Tips This Dog Agility Trainer Needs You to Embrace, the first item I share is: All handlers have the ability to create agility superstars in their dog. “Yes, this means you! Unfortunately, a large portion of handlers won’t believe they have the capabilities, so I’m going to assure you right now. […]

6 Vital Tips This Dog Agility Trainer Needs You To Embrace

Dog agility is an amazing and addicting sport. Remember how fun it was to watch your dog do his/her first obstacle? I was hooked and wanted to share with others the amazing experience, so I began teaching over 20 years ago. Year after year students would come and I could see the potential in all of them! […]

AKC National Agility Championship Courses – 2016

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Cyber Monday Means 30% Off Online Agility Training

Valid Monday - Wednesday Nov 30th

30% Off Sequencing For Success – Code CyberMon30 Hello My Agility Enthusiast!   It’s Cyber Monday!!! This is the day when agility people recuperate from their weekend competition and do all their holiday shopping from the comfort of their computer (the way it should be done!).   In the spirit of the day (and because […]

Are You Clear On How To Achieve Those Agility Goals?

4 Things That Prevent Clarity and Negatively Impact Goals

Dog agility requires a unique blend of skill sets. Dog training, equipment execution, handling communication, course analysis and physical requirements just to name a few. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching & judging many successful agility teams over the years. Most of them come to me missing one key item. Clarity. What is clarity in dog […]

Weave Entries Are Now My Friend!

7 Days Toward Weave Entry Agility Training

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 7 days focusing on just the weave entry and look at what we were able to accomplish! Click the video to see. Great agility runs aren’t produced with sweeping overhauls, but they are created one small moment at a time. My small but powerful moment came after an intensive seminar where my dog kept missing […]

More AKC Premier Class Challenge Ideas

Premier Class Training Sequences

I’m always looking for training sequences to challenge my handling skills and today the AKC Agility Team introduced this diagram in the latest AKC Agility Judge’s Newsletter. The context of the diagram is to share additional Premier Class challenges judges may incorporate into their course design and these sequences provide excellent training material for handlers of all levels. Enjoy […]

Why Challenging Weave Entries Are An Advantage

Shhhhhh....Don't Tell Your Competition!

What is the first word that pops into your head when I say “Weave Poles?” I recently asked this question on Facebook and the reactions were clearly in one of two camps. Agility handlers either love or dread the weave pole obstacle. Now add a challenging weave entry to the mix and their current feelings intensified. The result […]

New Training Available Soon!

Pre-Release Sale Through October 25, 2016.


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AKC Agility Suspends Use of Chute Obstacle

ANNOUNCEMENT! I just received this from the AKC Agility Department. GREAT news for the safety of our dogs! Dear Judges – The following statement has been sent out to all AKC licensed agility clubs: This past week, The American Kennel Club Agility department held their annual field representative meeting. During the meeting, the staff reviewed […]

The Key to Success In Agility

The Lesson I Learned From Merger That Changed My Life

I want to thank EVERYONE for the incredible outpouring of support, empathy, prayers and kindness you’ve shown Dan and I on the passing of our young dog Merger. It’s never easy to lose a part of your soul and that’s what happens when you welcome a pet into your home – they become a part […]

Join Us TONIGHT Live FB Event – May 24th

Join Us for a Facebook Livestream (from your comfy home)

Update: Miss the Facebook Livestream? Click the link below – and don’t forget to check the comments section for a link to your FREE gift! CLICK HERE TO GO TO LIVESTREAM VIDEO Join us tonight for a live Q&A session on Facebook LIVESTREAM! You’ve asked me a ton of agility questions and I’m going to […]

Help! Agility Competition is so nerve wracking!

Confidence (or lack of Confidence) where does it come from?

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Dream Up The Good Life

Still Comparing Yourself to Others?

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As an agility coach, I’m both excited and concerned when I hear clients say “I want to handle my dog like so-and-so (insert the local agility hero’s name)…” I’m excited because this shows the client has aspirations, goals, drive and they want to continue in their agility journey. I’m concerned because often this same client […]

Update to AKC Premier Class

Hey Everyone, Thought I’d share this update to the AKC Premier Class. From the AKC “There is a minor change to the Premier Design…the PDF is also an updated Challenges document that has this change…” I’ve included a copy of the PDF below and you can also download the FULL PDF by clicking on this link: Download […]

Agility Equipment for Sale – WA State

Location: Kent, WA I’m selling my EXTRA agility equipment. Since my friends and students want to be sure I’ll still be around – Yes, all that is for sale is extra stuff and I’ll still have over 1 ring of equipment for my use (clearly I collect agility stuff!) All of it is in great shape, well-maintained […]

For Sale – Dog Books, DVDs

I’m selling several books/DVDs/CDs from my dog resource collection as they are too good to continue to sit on shelves. These are great resource items and should be enjoyed! I was going to sell them a few years back and my husband asked me to wait a year…well, they’re still sitting and I’m not dusting […]