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Update: Miss the Facebook Livestream? Click the link below – and don’t forget to check the comments section for a link to your FREE gift! CLICK HERE TO GO TO LIVESTREAM VIDEO Join us tonight for a live Q&A session on Facebook LIVESTREAM! You’ve asked me a ton of agility questions and I’m going to […]

Help! Agility Competition is so nerve wracking!

Confidence (or lack of Confidence) where does it come from?

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Still Comparing Yourself to Others?

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As an agility coach, I’m both excited and concerned when I hear clients say “I want to handle my dog like so-and-so (insert the local agility hero’s name)…” I’m excited because this shows the client has aspirations, goals, drive and they want to continue in their agility journey. I’m concerned because often this same client […]

Update to AKC Premier Class

Hey Everyone, Thought I’d share this update to the AKC Premier Class. From the AKC “There is a minor change to the Premier Design…the PDF is also an updated Challenges document that has this change…” I’ve included a copy of the PDF below and you can also download the FULL PDF by clicking on this link: Download […]

Agility Equipment for Sale – WA State

Location: Kent, WA I’m selling my EXTRA agility equipment. Since my friends and students want to be sure I’ll still be around – Yes, all that is for sale is extra stuff and I’ll still have over 1 ring of equipment for my use (clearly I collect agility stuff!) All of it is in great shape, well-maintained […]

For Sale – Dog Books, DVDs

I’m selling several books/DVDs/CDs from my dog resource collection as they are too good to continue to sit on shelves. These are great resource items and should be enjoyed! I was going to sell them a few years back and my husband asked me to wait a year…well, they’re still sitting and I’m not dusting […]


Webinar - Premier w speakersJoin me and my special guest, Carrie DeYoung, AKC Agility Director, for an informative webinar*, where I’ll share information related to the Premier Classes and sequences you may see in a trial.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • What types of challenges are allowed in the Premier Classes.
  • Sequences of potential challenges.
  • How Premier Courses are sent for approval.
  • The number of challenges available on a course.
  • Other helpful details from the Premier Classes.

Cost: FREE

Claim your spot and join us on either:

January 20th, 6:00 p.m. Pacific time

January 21st, 6:00 p.m. Pacific time

Your host for this Webinar is Lisa Selthofer, 15+ year Agility Judge, Competitor, Coach and owner of the training blog


*What is a Webinar?

In this case, a Webinar is an opportunity to attend a training from wherever you have an internet connection! No travel required!

  • All that is needed to participate is an internet connection, speakers or a headset and an internet device to view the material we’ll provide on-screen. A device can be a computer, laptop, ipad, smart phone, tablet, etc.
  • For a better connection to the webinar, our tech folks highly suggest attending using a direct (internet plug-in) device, that you turn-off all other streaming applications (like movies, facebook, messenger, and other things that automatically update, etc.) on your device AND on all other devices in your household network. Why? Think of it this way, a webinar is a movie and for 1-hour you’d like it to run smooth and not be interrupted by other applications asking for Internet usage (these things can slow down and even stall your Webinar stream). So turn off those other applications for 1-hour.
  • Pen and paper is always good to have on hand in case you want to take some notes.
Date: January 20, 2016—January 21, 2016
Time: 06:00 p.m. Pacific time
Event: FREE Webinar - Premier Courses and Sequences - Explained!
Topic: Premier Courses and Sequences - Explained!
Sponsor: Lisa Selthofer
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Premier Standard Agility Course Maps

AKC Agility Course Maps

Agility Course Maps Premier JWW

Agility course maps for the new AKC Agility Premier Class are now becoming available for handlers. Since the class is new, it will be interesting to see what challenges judges incorporate and how handlers rise to the meet them. Agility Course Maps – AKC Premier Standard & JWW The Premier Standard and JWW courses have several […]

Sat Exc JWW, Casper, WY

Thanks to input from Members, we’re going to give a new course analysis format a try. The new format is to better assist all levels of agility competitors from Novice up through our most experienced competitors. Please let us know what you think! Reminder: To increase the course size for viewing, simply double click on […]

Excellent Std – WA 2-25-2011

This course was created for my home state agility peeps in Washington. When designing the course, I was feeling the pressure…something challenging, yet fun to run. (Reminder, click on the course to enlarge it for better viewing) Lately I’ve dabbled a bit on some creative course design (the Push-Back for example) and thought I’d incorporate […]