Ultimate Cyber WEEK Special!

Up to 80% Off

Welcome to my Cyber Monday – Sunday sale top products are up to 80% off!   Start with 80% off this 14 Module Training program which uses real agility sequences to train skills such as handling, distance, working close and focus skills. Perfect for both beginner agility enthusiasts and experienced handlers who would like to […]

Do Our Minds Get Stuck in the Negative?

How to Get Unstuck

What’s with the emotional ups and downs that we sometimes experience in dog agility? We’re happy with our dog agility run. We’re unhappy with our dog agility run. We just can’t seem to get over that one little mistake we made… Well, it turns out there’s a bit of scientific research on the topic. Alison Ledgerwood […]

20 Reasons the UKI Open is the Place To Be

This past weekend I headed to Jacksonville, FL to be a full-time volunteer at the 4-day UKI Open. I anticipated that I would enjoy myself while giving back to the sport, but what I didn’t expect was the heaping dose of rejuvenation and the even larger shot of inspiration that the UKI Open is actively […]

UKI Open Courses 2017 – Friday

To read about my amazingly spectacular and fun 4-Day UKI Open experience, Click HERE Ring size is approximately 130 x 130 (actual was more like 140 x 140) Snooker Briefing: Times are as follows: Regular Height 8″ 12″ 16″ 20″ 22″ 24″ Times 48 sec 45 sec Select Height 4 s 8 s 12 s […]

4 Behaviors That Could Mean Trouble for Your Dog

Menacing, Charging, Barking and Zoomies Oh My!

When a vague Facebook post falsely gave the impression that Novice dogs were being excused and written up at a trial for things like barking and having a case of the zoomies around the agility ring, the internet went wild! Statements like: “Tell us who the judges were so we don’t show under them!”, “Judge’s […]

The Handler’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Dog Agility Trial Environment

NEW Online Mentoring Program - Agility Trial Life Skills

Oh my gosh, my 1st agility trial felt like a disaster. My dog and I showed up without treats, without a crate and it turns out she’d never seen a full size table and kept going under it during our run. I somehow survived, thanks to those newly made agility friends, and now it’s time […]