Why Challenging Weave Entries Are An Advantage

Shhhhhh....Don't Tell Your Competition!


What is the first word that pops into your head when I say “Weave Poles?”

I recently asked this question on Facebook and the reactions were clearly in one of two camps. Agility handlers either love or dread the weave pole obstacle. Now add a challenging weave entry to the mix and their current feelings intensified.

The result of my unofficial poll reminded me that handlers who enjoy a task will often spend more time training that item, while those who dislike a task will often spend LESS time on training.

Here’s where challenging weave entries can become an advantage.

Let’s say 40% of the people weren’t fond of the weave pole obstacle in general. In theory, that means 40% of your competition won’t spend as much time training them. Now add an additional 20% of handlers who tolerate weave poles, but still don’t love them. The chances of that 20% putting in the additional time to master challenging weave entries is almost non-existent!

Putting the two groups together, that’s a total of 60% of the competition that you could potentially have an advantage over simply by putting in a little extra effort!

How much effort you ask?

Well, I was able to take a Master level dog who is a fine weaver and I spent 10-minutes per day for 5 days focused on training challenging weave entries. The results created a dog who was absolutely FANTASTIC at consistently making difficult entries that were independent, included distance and allowed me (and him) to feel confident with whatever entry angle the course required.

Since all dogs learn differently, I adjusted the training a bit for my Dalmatian who mastered the same challenging weave entry training in 10 days (I trained her for only 6 minutes per day, which is her optimal time-frame).

Minimal Time Commitment + Easy Training = Competitive Advantage

If you’re looking to find areas to improve, mastering those challenging weave entries is an untapped area that, with a little bit of training, can provide a winning edge in competition.

Happy Handling!


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