UKI Open Courses 2017 – Friday

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Ring size is approximately 130 x 130 (actual was more like 140 x 140)

Snooker Briefing:

Times are as follows:

Regular Height 8″ 12″ 16″ 20″ 22″ 24″
Times 48 sec 45 sec
Select Height 4 s 8 s 12 s 16 s 20 s  
Times 51 sec 48 sec  


  • There are 4 REDs on the course, but you must only attempt the 4th RED if you faulted one or more of the first 3 REDs during your run.  Faulting the color (2-7) after successfully completing a RED does not allow you to attempt the 4th RED.
  • The dog must start the run with the START jump which is NOT bi-directional as it must be taken bottom up. Once the run starts, this jump is still live, and taking it at any time would be considered off-course and your point accumulation will cease.
  • The dog must stop the run with the FINISH jump which is NOT bi-directional, as it must be taken top down. Once the run starts, this jump is live at all times and if the dog takes it during the opening period, point accumulation will cease. Failing to stop the time at the end of the run will result in a score of ZERO (0) for the class.
  • All obstacles are bi-directional in the OPENING.
  • All obstacles in the OPENING are considered a combination which is to include one of the center tunnels. That means, after performing a color obstacle successfully, you must have your dog take one of the tunnels, either tunnel is okay. Remember, only take one tunnel, doing two tunnels is considered off-course and your point accumulation will cease. As an example, your OPENING sequence may be:


  • Taking the tunnel prior to the color obstacle will fault your combination.
  • If you fault part of a combination in the OPENING, you have two options to continue paying the game:
    • Option #1: Finish the remainder of the combination and earn ZERO points for that color obstacle.
    • Option #2: Immediately leave the combination, earn ZERO points, and proceed to an unused RED or the CLOSING if you had already successfully completed 3 REDs. There is no fault if your dog takes any remaining combination obstacles on the way to the next sequence. Any other obstacle (outside the combination) would be considered off-course and your point accumulation will cease.
  • In the CLOSING, all obstacles are to be performed as marked, that includes jump #2. Do not perform any tunnels in the closing or your point accumulation will cease, and you need to head to the FINISH jump.
  • Reminder, doing any tunnels in the closing is bad.
  • If you are performing the 7 obstacle/combination when the time expires, you will get the points for the obstacle/combination if you complete it successfully and then take the FINISH jump to conclude your run and get a time. Performance is classified as dog lifting off, front paws leaving the ground, at time of horn.
  • SPECIAL NOTES regarding the 7 obstacle:
    • In the OPENING, this is a 4-part combination, it includes the jumps 7a, 7b, 7c and any one tunnel. You may take the 3 jumps in any order and in any direction, but they must be taken first, prior to the tunnel. Taking the tunnel at any time prior to the 3 (a – b – c) jumps faults the combination.
    • In the CLOSING, it is only a 3-part combination, it includes the jumps 7a, 7b, and 7c.

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