It’s Time To Talk About Boobs In Agility

Introducing Mary Helen Shashy - Cheata Bras

Men, you may want to stealthily move on to the next blog post…unless of course you care about your lady’s chest comfort and well-being when it comes time to run in agility. Then by all means, stay!

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room (or in this case, what we see on the agility course but don’t talk about in the morning briefing). Our boobs, ta-ta’s, breasts, or whatever you want to call them, flying haphazardly around while we run our dog on course.

A few brave souls have had a discussion out loud, joking how a good agility bra would be worth its weight in gold and the creation of a bra dealer who provides ring-side service at a trial would earn the highest agility title yet “Boob Comfort Extraordinaire” (BCE for short?).

Well folks, I’m here to share that while judging in Perry, GA, I met a REAL bra dealer (yes, she was ring-side at an agility trial) and according to those who have placed their chest-comfort in her product, Mary Helen Shashy of CheataEquestrian, truly deserves that elusive BCE title.

So how did I meet Mary Helen?

It started when at least 20 agility ladies over a 5-day period shared “You HAVE to check these bras out!” That certainly got my attention as it is highly unusual for exhibitors to discuss bras with their agility judge, let alone be excited about the topic. Then on the last day, Mary Helen asked if she could borrow my ring to video an exhibitor running (no dog involved) with her regular bra and then with her Cheata Bra.

I admit, I wanted to see the comparison! Besides, if there really was a bra out there that would make a comfortable and supportive impact for agility handlers everywhere, I figured it was like a public service announcement that was long overdue. So I watched them make the video (yes, it felt strange staring openly at the exhibitor’s breasts to analyze their behavior during her run), but I’ll be damned! There WAS a difference!

Check it out for yourself in the video below (I’m hiding just off-screen to the left).

OK, full disclosure and a bit of advice.

After videoing, I asked Mary Helen to forward me a copy of the above video to share with you. Not only did she provide her contact information, but she also provided me with a Cheata Trotter bra to try out. Heck, she even offered to accompany me to the ladies room to ensure a good fit (which she does for everyone). I chickened out on the fitting since trying on bras, bikinis and jeans are my least favorite activity and opted for the do-it-yourself home method.

I clearly recall Mary Helen encouraging me to watch the Proper Fit video on the website. So….of course I didn’t, I mean who needs a video to put on a bra, right? Yeah, well that was a mistake! Prior to watching the video, the fit wasn’t right and downright awkward. After the video, the fit was PERFECT! So my advice, WATCH THE “Installation” VIDEO!

By the way, besides the fit and ease of putting this bra on, I LOVE the fabric Mary Helen uses.

UPDATE: Now through April 3, 2017 get 15% off and FREE Shipping when you order. Use the code AGILITY go to: to order.

So what makes this bra so great? Well, here’s a bit about Mary Helen:

“I’ve been in the apparel industry for over 20 years in NYC, LA, and Miami I was either working for designers or had my own stores working with designers. Since I was in college, like a lot of women I’d always had a home remedy for my sports bra problems – either layering sports bras or adding duct tape when I really needed stability. I knew how a sports bra would need to be designed, constructed, and fit in order to work for me and there was absolutely NOTHING on the market that even came close to what I needed.

Eight years ago, I started making prototypes and testing them on all kinds of different wearers.  By the time I’d  completed the development for the first Cheata bra as it’s known today,  I’d been issued 2 US patents and was featuring customized proprietary fabric components that is leagues above anything I’d seen offered on the market before.

Cheata first launched in equestrian industry. Every time I was at a horse show I’d have at least 3 or 4 people tell me I really needed to reach out to dog shows. So I did and it was really well received at the dog shows. Then at the dog shows I’d have at least 20 people say you MUST MUST MUST look into the agility shows.

I love the agility shows! I love the people, the dogs, the competition, and the genuine support and encouragement the competitors give to one another. At the agility shows after someone has tried on the bra and it really works for them, that person will tell EVERYONE at the show. They just love helping each other and that’s an amazing thing to be around.”

Mary Helen has a border collie/lab mix named “Panda” who attends the agility shows with her and her Mom, Alice.  While Panda doesn’t compete in agility, he does like to cheer everyone else on.

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16 thoughts on “It’s Time To Talk About Boobs In Agility

  1. Another member of the Big boob Brigade here: I LOVE my Enell sports bras…I wear them every day now, as they help my back and shoulders. I just got some info on the Cheata bras…I will be looking into them.

  2. A friend swears by the BuBand. You wear it in addition to your bra, and it mushes you right down and holds everything in place. She was large before, but is nursing twins now and is pretty gigantuan. It’s worked well for her.

  3. which one of the bras did you order? I tried one on as well at Perry but, don’t remember which one it was and there are several on her website. Thanks!

    • I have the Trotter bra. The bra is on the inside and has a large/comfy zipper in back with an easy to pull cloth ‘tab’ and then the front comes down to my waist so it’s a smooth fit. The bonus for me is I can throw an open front shirt over it or sheer blouse and just go.

  4. Lisa — How can I share your write-up and info on the cheata bra with the RAT list? and other dog club lists for that matter?

  5. We get asked a lot about how the Cheata Trotter bra compares with Enell. Here’s how – First of all Enell make a wonderful product that for a very long time was the ONLY thing to really help full busted ladies. However, Enell doesn’t work well for all busty body types. Many Enell wearers have switched to Cheata because they find Cheata far more comfortable and holds better for them. Cheata bras function very differently than Enell in that it stops the breasts tissue from going upwards (as opposed to trying to catch them on the way down). If there was one bra that works PERFECTLY for everyone that would be awesome but we all know that isn’t the case. My suggestion is to try one when the get the chance, watch the video to make sure you have it on correctly and see if it’s right for you.