The Handler’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Dog Agility Trial Environment

NEW Online Mentoring Program - Agility Trial Life Skills

Oh my gosh, my 1st agility trial felt like a disaster.

My dog and I showed up without treats, without a crate and it turns out she’d never seen a full size table and kept going under it during our run.

I somehow survived, thanks to those newly made agility friends, and now it’s time for me to reach out and mentor as many beginner agility folks as possible.


In just a few short weeks I’ll be launching the program Agility Trial Life Skills, The Handler’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Dog Agility Trial Environmenta resource geared specifically for BEGINNER agility folks.

The goal of this program is to bridge the gap between the agility training environment and the real world requirements of competition. This comprehensive online mentoring program is designed to guide and prepare dog agility enthusiasts (both new to the sport and those trialing new dogs), to understand the unique expectations, responsibilities and culture they (and their dog) may encounter before, during and after a dog agility trial.

This way folks, like me, won’t show up at their first agility trial completely unprepared and frustrated.

My goal is to mentor as many beginner agility folks as possible and YOU CAN HELP ME REACH THOSE BEGINNER FOLKS just by sharing this email and by sharing the below link on your social media accounts (Link:

Please take a moment to do that now and I am so thankful for your assistance.

If you’d like more information on the program, please go to:

Also, if you are a trainer, instructor, club, trial secretary or just have a lot of agility friends, join our AFFILIATE PROGRAM and we’ll reward you (up to $10) for each person who signs up using your very own special link!

Happy Handling!

Lisa Selthofer

As a 20+ year dog agility coach, I am passionate about producing quality resources for dog agility teams by promoting self-development and delivering clear and specific training solutions that enable teams' to perform with clarity and confidence!

My unique experience as a hands-on trainer and 18+ year dog agility judge led me to create Sequencing For Success and the highly successful 2on-2off Contact Training DVD.

Our household has included Dalmatians, Labradors, Belgian Tervuren, Border Collies and engaging cats.

Contact Lisa via email AgilityOne at (replace at with @ sign)

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