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Agility Article Featuring Lisa & Dan Selthofer

I’m excited to announce that Just Labs Magazine will have an article titled “Getting Started with Agility” and Spot On Agility’s very own Lisa Selthofer was interviewed and is being featured in this article! To receive a free copy of Just Labs Magazine, please Click Here. We just wanted to thank Just Labs for all they do for Labrador Retrievers everywhere and for all they do to bring owners of this great breed together. Labrador owners, be sure to subscribe to Just Labs Magazine.

Just Labs Magazine: Feature Excerpt

 May/June 2013


 Get Started in Agility!

by Kathryn Schneider

The attraction of agility is undeniable. As dogs race through tunnels, across catwalks, and over hurdles, handlers direct their dogs through a set series of obstacles hoping to run “clean,” with no mistakes such as a dropped jump bar or obstacle out of sequence. The dog and handler team with no errors and the fastest time will win, though all dog and handler teams have fun regardless of who receives a ribbon. This is the great appeal of agility – a special combination of teamwork, adrenaline, and focus, all wrapped into a fantastic playground for dogs.

Originally intended as a half-time show for spectators at the world-famous Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England, agility has since grown into a competitive event and is one of America’s fastest-growing dog sports. Numerous Labradors have earned top honors in agility, from placing at national competitions to earning prestigious titles such as the Master Agility Champion designation from the American Kennel Club. Regardless of whether you wish to compete in agility or simply enjoy the sport in your own backyard, training in agility can provide confidence, flexibility, and a positive outlet for your Labrador’s energy. Lisa Selthofer is an agility judge and owner of Spot On Agility, which offers agility training classes in Washington state. Several years ago, she and her husband adopted a rambunctious 18-month-old Lab, Burton, who desperately needed a constructive energy outlet. “Agility not only gave Burton a way to bond with us, but allowed him to burn off energy constructively,” says Selthofer. Very soon after training started, he was much calmer in the house and learned to stay with us when we were outside. Through agility, he learned to become a more reliable and self-assured dog.”