Challenging Weave Entries

Turn Challenging Approaches into a Powerful Handling Advantage


Challenging Weave Pole Entry Training

Outperform the competition with superior and independent weave entry execution, designed to turn those challenging approaches into a powerful handling advantage.
This online training has been created for dogs who are proficient in weaving and is designed for teams who want to supercharge their weave pole entry skills.

Training Includes:

  • Podcast – 5 Components of Consistently Successful Weave Poles
  • 3 Online Training Videos (over 50 minutes of training)
  • 3 Step-by-Step Downloadable PDF Training Exercise Packets (over 50 progressive exercises)
  • This series is made for smaller spaces and uses 6 poles
  • 100% Performance Guarantee
  • PERMANENT website access to the individual who signs up (no 6 month expiration)

BONUS ITEMS  Worth Over $167!

  • Free Bonus – E-book #1 Understanding Criteria
  • Free Bonus – E-book #2 Concept of Micro-Training
  • Free Bonus – Receive feedback, share video & ability to ask questions directly to Lisa!

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