Agility Trial Life Skills

The Handler’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Dog Agility Trial Environment

Also referred to as The Beginners Guide to Trialing in Dog Agility, this program bridges the gap between the agility training environment and the real world requirements of competition.

It’s long been understood that the majority of agility clubs, instructors, professional trainers and trial secretaries simply don’t have enough time or resources to cover most items beyond obstacle performance and handling technique. This is where the Agility Trial Life Skills course comes in and solves that problem.

This comprehensive online mentoring program is designed to guide and prepare dog agility enthusiasts (both new to the sport and those trialing new dogs), to understand the unique expectations, responsibilities and culture they (and their dog) may encounter before, during and after a dog agility trial.

This is NOT a handling or obstacle performance course. This IS an agility trial preparation course.

Participants will benefit from the 360 degree experience of Lisa Selthofer, as she shares her rare combination as a 22+ year multi-organization competitor, a 20+ year agility training instructor and an 18+ year agility judge. Lisa will address dozens of important details, share guidelines, explain rules and address quirks that would normally take years to learn and possibly several not-so-positive experiences to understand. Lisa’s goal is to streamline and prepare beginner competitors, as well as those with new dogs, as they transition from the training environment toward being a titled agility team.

This program supports participation in and provides information that is applicable to ALL agility organizations.

What to Expect:

Using diagrams, quizzes, check lists, step by step instructions, video tutorials, links and plenty of additional resources designed to prepare, educate and empower, Lisa cover’s topics like:

  • How to know if you are ready to trial
  • How to sign-up for a trial
  • Understanding a premium
  • Checklists on what to bring to a trial
  • Checklist on what to do the day of a trial
  • Checklist on what to do after a trial
  • Having your dog measured
  • Trial etiquette
  • Judge’s briefing
  • What you need to know about each ring
  • Role of judge, trial secretary, trial committee, etc.
  • How to walk a course
  • How to prepare your dog
  • How to prepare YOU
  • The agility culture and sub-cultures
  • Volunteering
  • What makes an agility ring work
  • What is expected from each agility participant
  • Agility participant responsibilities
  • Crating
  • Dog etiquette
  • Role of Leash Runner
  • When to enter a ring with your dog
  • When to begin your run
  • How to check a score
  • How to track titles
  • How to prepare prior to a trial
  • and so much more!!!!!!!


Note: This course will start on September 18, 2017

Those who Sign-up NOW will receive an introductory Ground Floor Member rate of only $125.00…this program will NEVER be offered at this price again and spaces are limited*!

Additional Benefits of Introductory Offer:

  • Access to a PRIVATE Facebook Group where Ground Floor Members can ask questions, receive personal support from Lisa directly and make suggestions for additional modules, checklists and other resources
  • Ground Floor Members will have access to Agility Trial Life Skills material for 1 year (future members will have access for 6 months)
  • Ground Floor Members will receive any updates and additional material added for free during their 1 year Ground Floor Member participation

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*Please note that the Agility Trial Life Skills program will be available September 18, 2017.