Sequencing for Success

The Ultimate Agility Training Program for Individuals and Small Spaces


Sequencing For Success is agility training designed for lifetime access!

How is Sequencing for Success Different?

Cover Photo GreenImagine walking onto an agility course and immediately knowing how to handle an area. Or two. Or Three or more! How great would it feel to know you are prepared…and have solid skills for success on any agility course you may encounter!  Imaging having the knowledge, timing and confidence to know exactly what to do (and that you’ve trained your dog!) to perform each section of an agility course like a veteran.

In the past, agility enthusiasts were taught handling maneuvers, but were often left to decipher were and when those skills should be used. In Sequencing for Success, those challenging agility sequences are the core of each module, but this time I remove the guess-work by training handlers, just like you, to deliver clear and specific handling cues to their dog…cues that are easy to train and cues that are easily understood by your dog.

This training is geared for those with minimal equipment and is meant to be done from the comfort of your home and in your small backyard!

Finally, you can be the consistent agility team everyone envies.

Sequencing For Success is For Real People Like You and Me:

Meet Diane C. from Olympia, WA. Diane is a nurse who works 2nd shift, is a 10+ year experienced agility competitor who has trained 3 dogs in Agility, including a MACH dog, and takes weekly classes. Diane’s challenge is that all of her dogs are different….

Meet Jean L. from Milton, WA. Jean works part-time and travels with her husband in their RV. Jean is at the Novice/Open level and is training her 1st dog in Agility and takes weekly classes. Jean’s challenge is learning what she doesn’t know…yet!

Common Questions:

  • Who should take SFS?  Our clients range from brand new beginner agility folks all the way through to competitors who are currently training their 3rd dog in agility. This program is geared to benefit those with minimal dog training experience all the way up through veteran-level trainers.
  • How is SFS different from other online courses? SFS is not a one-time course with an expiration. What makes SFS different is that I designed this course to be a lifetime agility training asset. This is a course you can come back to over and over again. As it grows, so does your lifetime resource!
  • What if I already take weekly classes? 87% of our clients do as well! Our clients tell us SFS provides information and training that is specifically geared for home-training and compliments their class lessons.
  • What if I don’t have a lot of time? SFS is perfect for busy people such as yourself! Our modules and exercises are specifically geared so that they can be done in small, quality lessons of 6-10 minutes per day. We’ll even introduce you to the concept of Micro-Training, which maximizes training in 1-minute increments (yes, I said just 1-minute!)
  • What Agility equipment do I need? Most exercises can be done with 3-6 jumps. A tunnel is suggested and training weave poles are only necessary for the Challenging Weave Pole module. None of the modules use contact obstacles.
  • How much space do I need? What’s great about SFS is that the first few modules can be done indoors, say in your livingroom. Later, modules can be done in spaces as small as 30 x 30 up to 50 x 50 (these dimensions are approximate & exercises can be adapted to areas that are not a square in shape).
  • What if I have questions while participating in SFS: As a BONUS, you’ll have access to our private Facebook Community page where you can post videos, get feedback and ask questions! Also, you will have access to my personal email through the member portal and I WANT you to ask me questions! When you purchase SFS, our time together has just begun!
  • What if I can’t finish all of the modules or I want to come back at a later date? Here’s one of the best parts of SFS – you have lifetime access to the material. Seriously, there are no end dates or expiration dates for memberships in good standing. This means you can do the Modules at your own pace!


Here’s What Sequencing for Success Provides:

  • 14+ modules of videos, training, exercises and more! (see a description of each module below)
  • 10 Sequences Total (includes 4 Bonus Sequences)
  • Modules delivered weekly, however I find this is an extremely fast-pace and most clients don’t work at this speed. That’s why you have life-time access & I encourage you to work at your own pace.
  • Training can be accessed via Streaming Video from a dedicated website
  • Videos and Lessons include a Downloadable PDF of Key Points and Training Sequences for easy setup
  • This series is made for smaller spaces, with many exercises having the ability to be done in the home. Spaces as small as 30′ x 30′ up to 50′ x 50′, depending on the exercises and equipment needed.
  • Enjoy access to a private Facebook page where members can collaborate, discussion, post videos, participate in Question & Answer sessions and of course, have access to your trainer!
  • Unlike other online training, I provide PERMANENT website access to the individual who signed up (no 6 month expiration)


Training Covered in the Modules:

There are 14+ modules in the program that focus on specific areas of training.

  • Module 1 – Foundation for Sequencing: It’s all in the communication and I’m going to be sure you and your dog have a clear and specific plan that focuses on quality delivery. Hint: Master this section and you’ll be able to train in less than 10 minutes a day!
  • Module 2 – Threadle: Using skills from the 1st Module, we dive right in and teach you an incredibly useful zig-zag-like-stitch using your own backyard, dog & jumps. Sewing needle not required, but be prepared to be amazed at your skillful handy work!
  • Module 3 – Back-Side: Not all obstacles are taken from the front and that’s where the challenge of this sequence comes in. Thanks to this module (and building on our previous training), you and your dog will be a pro.
  • Module 4 – 270 Degree Sequence: I heard you loud and clear when you said “I want some distance from my dog!” and this sequence focuses on adding in those amazing base skills that can be implemented immediately on course.
  • Module 5 – Pull Through: Who put that off-course obstacle right in front of your dog? Well, it doesn’t matter because in this module you’ll learn exactly what to do to keep your dog on-course and to prevent those scary close ‘call-offs’ from happening.
  • Module 6 Combination Exercises 1: Now it’s time to take those mastered skills and combine them together. The goal is to comfortably move you from one perfectly conquered sequence directly into another with pure confidence. You can do this!
  • Module 7 More Foundation For Sequencing: Remember that awesome communication piece in Module 1? Well, get ready for more fantastic clarity as we continue to develop and expand your team dynamics.
  • Module 8 Back-Side Advanced: …or maybe we should have called this the Super Stuff of Back-Side Plus? At any rate, the Back-Side skills you developed in Module 3 apply to much more than just jumps and I’m about to shine a light on how this tool transfers to other places on the agility course.
  • Module 9 Serpentine: Every agility rock-star needs a smooth-move, in-sync & styling sequence and the Serpentine is the place for yours! This is where you learn how to glide your dog through a line of jumps alternating between sending them away from you over a jump and then bringing them into you over the next jump.
  • Module 10 – Combination Exercises 2a: It’s time to put those Back-Side skills to the test with some side-switches, such as the Front-Cross…but we’re going to test your timing by working in a teeny-tiny place! See how every step, lean and glance impacts your dog while you become aware of the almighty-power your every action holds.
  • Module 11 – Combination Exercises 2b: More challenging exercises to continue to work those new skills.
  • Module 12 Run-By Basics: Oh the perils of by-passing an obstacle that is BEGGING for your dog’s attention! But since you signed up for SFS, you know I’ve got you covered and your dog will be happy to oblige.
  • Module 13 Run-By Advanced: Oh the perils of by-passing an obstacle that is BEGGING for your dog’s attention! But since you signed up for SFS, you know I’ve got you covered and your dog will be happy to oblige.
  • Module 14 Layering Basics: Don’t ya’ love when there’s an unwanted obstacle that ends up between you and your dog? Intentional or not, training to overcome this type of distraction is an agility course-saver.
  • Module 15 Challenging Weave Entry: I think this is my favorite module of all. After you see how my training positively impacts your dog, keeps you at a distance and encourages independent weave behavior, I have no doubt this may become your ultimate favorite as well.
  • More modules are being developed and added, at no extra charge. So the content keeps building!



BONUS ITEMS  Worth Over $347!

  • Free Bonus – E-book #1 Understanding Criteria
  • Free Bonus –   E-book #2 Concept of Micro-Training
  • Free Bonus – Foundation for Sequencing Module (3 videos to get you started immediately & can be done in the comfort of most homes!)
  • Free Bonus – Access to our private Facebook Group page where you can post videos, receive feedback & ask questions!

Sequencing for Success is just $697…that’s just $49.80 per module! Plus, as content continues to developed, you will receive free access to additional material.