ONE Thing That Is Negatively Impacting Your Agility Skills

This ONE Thing Is Negatively Impacting Your Agility Skills

I had a HUGE personal epiphany regarding dog agility training last week. It was so obvious and yet nobody is talking about it, which tells me there are LOTS of people out there overlooking it too.

So here’s the thing, we all know how important it is to train on sequences and courses. After all, it’s what every agility competition is based on.

Even if you’re lucky enough to go to classes or a friend’s for training…having your own weekly training sequences and courses to train on can:


Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more consistent your agility team will become. When you’re consistent, you’re ready to take on more advanced classes, seminars and challenges in competition.


Finally, an easy way to spend more time with your dog(s)! Having access to quality weekly sequences and courses would mean you don’t have to waste time trying to think up a lesson or get caught in the “already-did-that” training rut.


While everyone else is worried about a challenging sequence on course, thanks to your weekly training you’ve seen this one before (and know how to handle it). Congratulations! You just became the authority on that section and people will be watching and learning from you.

But even with the best intentions, most handlers end up abandoning their personal training time, allowing their competitors the opportunity to outshine them in competition.

Here’s why most handlers abandon their own training:

WITHOUT a super clear, pre-numbered training sequence or course, most handlers find themselves lost and veer off-course (pun intended) from their training goals.They fall victim to the paralyzing question of how to create a training sequence or course, where to place the obstacles and numbers to create a worthy challenge, or there is lack of clarity over exactly what a competition style training sequence or course should look like.

For most handlers, creating a training sequence or course isn’t fun! They want to be presented with the challenges, not come up with them.

Here’s why creating your own challenges is undermining your agility skills.

As an already busy dog owner, attending or teaching agility classes (perhaps both?), incurring the cost of trials, traveling to competitions and maybe even a family and household to care for, you don’t have TIME for an inconsistent agility performance. You don’t have TIME to learn design guidelines. And you certainly don’t have TIME stay up to date on the latest challenges and design trends.

And here is my epiphany:

Most handlers approach their agility training setups without a plan, they simply “toss some numbers out there”.

But the thing is, you can’t treat the quality of your sequences or courses as a “thing to guess at”.

Because, the quality of your sequences and courses is DIRECTLY LINKED to the quality in which your agility skills are tested…all in preparation for that upcoming trial you entered and paid for.

To avoid undermining your own agility skills, handlers (like you) are now faced with a choice.

1) You can spend lots of TIME getting up to speed on technical course design principals, TIME researching challenges and TIME learning design initiatives…in the hope of creating competition worthy sequences and courses; or

2) You can access competition worthy sequences and courses designed by a pro that consistently challenges your agility skills each week (and avoid that sinking overwhelm, unprepared confidence-busting and dreaded “I-have-not-practiced-this-syndrome”)

With your permission, I’d love to provide quality sequence and course designs to your agility training. The type of sequences and courses that bring VALUE for you to test your skills on.

Introducing Sequencing to Courses.

To find out more details on the TIME-SAVING, VALUE-ORIENTED and QUALITY-MINDED resource, please click on the link below.

But don’t wait, because soon I’ll be closing registration down AND my special (and amazing-ridiculously-affordable) pricing goes away forever.

As a 20+ year dog agility coach, I am passionate about producing quality resources for dog agility teams by promoting self-development and delivering clear and specific training solutions that enable teams’ to perform with clarity and confidence!

My unique experience as a hands-on trainer and 18+ year dog agility judge led me to create Sequencing For Success and the highly successful 2on-2off Contact Training DVD.

Our household has included Dalmatians, Labradors, Belgian Tervuren, Border Collies and engaging cats.

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