Name That Novice Course and WIN!

Enter my Name It & Win Event!

How I’d love your ideas please! What would YOU name an online course that is geared toward agility handlers who are about to enter their first trial?

This will be the type of course that goes through EVERYTHING, like:

  • What is a Trial
  • How to Know if You’re Ready
  • How to Find a Trial
  • Fill Out An Entry
  • What to Bring
  • Volunteering
  • Role of Trial Sec
  • Role of Judge
  • Agility Personalities
  • Videos on Measuring
  • Introducing Your Leash Runner
  • Timers – When Do I Start?
  • A Video Briefing
  • How to on Record Keeping
  • Agility Pre-Trial & Trial Etiquette

What I’m Looking for in a Name:

  • A title that makes it clear the course is related to agility TRIALING
  • A title that makes it clear it covers everything from pre-trial to post trial and everything in between
  • A title that is to the point & clear
  • Tag lines are welcome! (that’s the short description below a title that further explains what the course is)

What the Winner Will Receive:

  • Besides the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping new agility trial attendees…
  • The Winner will receive FREE attendance to this course; AND
  • An additional FREE spot to gift to a friend and/or student of their choice!

How to Enter – 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Like our Spot On Agility Facebook Page
  2. After you like the page, under the contest announcement, add your original name to the comments section
  3. Be sure you’re on our mailing list to receive the announcement on who the winner is!

How Will the Winner Be Chosen:

  • I’ll personally chose the course name (remember to Like our Facebook page to be eligible).
  • If by some chance a name is not chosen from those provided, a random drawing of all entries will determine who will receive the winning prize!
  • Contest ends April 30, 2017. Winning Title will be announced by June 1, 2017.

CLICK HERE to get started and GOOD LUCK!

Lisa Selthofer

As a 20+ year dog agility coach, I am passionate about producing quality resources for dog agility teams by promoting self-development and delivering clear and specific training solutions that enable teams' to perform with clarity and confidence!

My unique experience as a hands-on trainer and 18+ year dog agility judge led me to create Sequencing For Success and the highly successful 2on-2off Contact Training DVD.

Our household has included Dalmatians, Labradors, Belgian Tervuren, Border Collies and engaging cats.

Contact Lisa via email AgilityOne at (replace at with @ sign)

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