Did You Know? Upcoming AKC Agility Changes

Table, Jump Heights, ISC and Premier JWW Times


Equipment Changes to ISC (effective April 1, 2017)

To View the AKC PDF Document on ISC Changes – Click Here


Table Height Changes (effective Jan 2, 2018 & cannot be used prior):

It will be required that the table edge and table top be of a color in contrast to the running surface and ring gating. The table top must be light in color, no dark color(s) are allowed.


The height of the table (within 1 inch) is 8 inches for dogs in the 8-inch jump height;

(new) 12 inches for dogs in the 12-inch jump height;

16 inches for dogs in the 16-inch jump height;

(new) 20 inches for dogs in the 20-inch, and

24- inch jump height.


Table in Preferred Class Requirement:

The Pause Table shall be set at 8 inches for the 4 and 8 inch jump height,

(new) 12- inches for the dogs in the 12 inch jump height

16 inches for the 16 inch jump heights and

(new) 20 inches for the 20-inch division

To View the AKC Document on the Table Heights – Click Here


Notable changes effective Jan 2, 2018 and are currently legal (can be used):

  • Contact Equipment – all contact zones must be yellow
  • Seesaw – Change in tolerance for pivot point from 2 inches to 1 inch
  • Table – Requires table top and edge to be in contrast to the running surface
  • Open Tunnel – Change in diameter tolerance to 25 inches (+/-) 2 inches to allow for larger tunnels
  • Weave Poles – ground supports may not be longer than 18 inches
  • Bar Jumps – Uprights must be displaceable.  Jumps that are a single welded metal piece may no longer be used due to this change.  Metal uprights that stand alone are still allowed.  PVC Jumps may not have jump standards and ground bars glued together as one unit.   It is recommended that ground bars not be used at all.
  • Bar Jumps – Jump bars may not be glued, riveted or screwed together to make a bar. Jump bars may not contain any moving metal parts or have anything inserted into the middle of the bar.  If the bar has end caps they must be flush with the bar and not exceed the diameter.
  • Jump cups – Jump bars must fit into the jump cups so that they follow the contour of the cup.   This change disallows the use of the v-shaped metal cups.
  • Panel Jump – Panels must fit into a rounded jump cup.  Flat supports are no longer allowed.
  • Double Jump – Confirms how to set the 4-inch double
  • Tire Jump – Allows for use of the flat bottom support on the frame.  Confirms how jump must be set if the frame does not a flat bottom support for the 4″ and 8″ settings.
  • Broad Jump – All broad jumps must use 8 inch boards.  As of Jan 2, 2018 6 inch board will not be allowed.
  • NEW Ascending Double Bar Jump (optional) – The jump specifications allow for the use of a current AKC Double jump that the vertical jump cups on the back.
  • NEW Wall Jump (optional)

To View the AKC PDF Document on Equipment Changes – Click Here

Premier JWW Course Time (May 1, 2017) –


46 seconds for the 24 inch Regular jump height.

42 seconds for the 20 inch and 26 inch Regular jump heights.

• 45 seconds for the 16 inch Regular jump height.

• 48 seconds for the 12 inch Regular jump height.

50 seconds for the 8 inch Regular jump heights.


51 seconds for the 20 inch Preferred jump height.

47 seconds for the16 inch Preferred jump height.

• 50 seconds for the 12 inch Preferred jump heights.

• 53 seconds for the 8 inch Preferred jump heights.

55 seconds for the 4 inch Preferred jump height.

Note: For timing purposes all Premier Jumpers With Weaves classes may have timer set for MCT of 55 seconds.

To View the Full AKC PDF Document on the New Preferred JWW Times – Click Here


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