How to Make Small Space Training Even Smaller

The majority of my agility clients train in small spaces and still manage to achieve BIG things at agility competitions! What about when a small space feels more like a micro-space?

What then?

In my weekly online resource, Sequencing to Courses, I created 4 cheat sheets that guide handlers on how to work within the space they have and still achieve quality training.

One of the cheat sheets is a Guide for Reducing Distances Between Obstacles – Creating a Smaller Course By Reducing Distances. The cheat sheet includes a list of the general spacing that is typically found on a course and then provides a list of reduced spacing options that can be used to guide handlers who are working in smaller training spaces.

For example, here is a small size sequences from an actual course:


and here is an example of how to reduce the distance between obstacles for micro-size spaces:

As you can see, with a bit of obstacle replacement (replacing winged jumps with non-winged jumps) and distance tweaking between obstacles, I was able to shave off 10′ from both sides of the course and still have a safe training area suitable for most dogs (but not all, so always keep your dog’s specific physical requirements in mind!).

If you would like additional information on the 4 cheat sheets and are interested in receiving weekly sequences and/courses to challenge your training, take a look Sequencing to Courses. Sequencing to Courses is made available just a few times a year so don’t hesitate to join.

In the meantime, let me know how much you enjoyed the free training sequences above!

Happy Handling!

Lisa Selthofer

As a 20+ year dog agility coach, I am passionate about producing quality resources for dog agility teams by promoting self-development and delivering clear and specific training solutions that enable teams' to perform with clarity and confidence!

My unique experience as a hands-on trainer and 18+ year dog agility judge led me to create Sequencing For Success and the highly successful 2on-2off Contact Training DVD.

Our household has included Dalmatians, Labradors, Belgian Tervuren, Border Collies and engaging cats.

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