Agility Judging Adventures Casper WY Day 2

Friday Night in Casper, WY

Agility Judging Presenting the RibbonsThis post will be funnier if you read about my agility judging adventures from Thursday Night in Casper, WY first.

After returning from the dog show, I stop in the hotel lounge/restaurant to grab something to drink to take back to my room before heading out with the club to dinner. I notice a band is setting up and it appears to be just a few locals hanging around so far.

After routine ‘Hello’s’ and she takes my drink order, the bartender asks, ”Are you with the event?”

After last night’s lingerie show I very hesitantly ask “Which event?” After all, I have no idea what’s in store for tonight’s entertainment at this establishment!

She replies in a perky tone, ”The animal thing”. Oh, she must mean the dog show! So being relieved, I happily chirp up with a very enthusiastic “Oh YES!” and she says “Wow, that’s great! At first I thought you guys were a Taxi convention.”

I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about. What does a taxi have to do with a dog agility trial?

As I’m walking away and I see several men in camouflage at the check-in desk and a few redneck-types (like my husband) hanging around in the lobby, it dawns on me…She thinks I’m a part of what appears to be a Taxi-Dermy convention at the hotel. After all, what other animal ‘activity’ has anything to do with taxi’s, camouflage and rednecks????

As I pass a conference room, I peak in and see hand-drawn carcass diagrams on the white board and my Taxi-Dermy conclusions are confirmed.

It’s only 4:00 p.m. here in Casper, WY and we haven’t even gone to dinner yet. What else is in store for this agility judge in this cute, crazy and fun little town? : )

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