Dog Food Info Video – Part 1

As athletes, we all know that agility dogs need to be fed a balanced and nutritional diet. But with all the marketing and fancy claims being made in the pet food industry, how do we know we’re feeding our dogs the right healthy meals?

I’ve spent years reading through dog food articles, product labels, listening to dog nutrition advice, reading up on the latest research studies and trying to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to the best products to feed my dogs. There were times I found myself in dog food information overload and I still didn’t feel like a dog food expert!

Finally, a video from veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker that make things simple. Dr. Becker created a set of straight forward and educational videos that do not market a specific product and they are not sponsored by a dog food company.

In Part 1, Dr. Becker explains the differences between frozen dog foods, canned, dehydrated and kibble as well as the pros and cons of each. This video is a great place to start or referesh your education on the Quality of Pet Foods Part 1 – Video.

Once you’ve seen Part 1 and have a good basic understanding of dog foods in general, I HIGHLY recommend viewing Part 2. Video 2 teaches you how to quickly and easily read dog food labels so that you can ensure you are feeding your dogs the very best.  Thanks to her straight forward advice, reading dog food labels is far less stressful and you’ll feel a greater confident in the dog food choices your agility partners eat.

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