The Handler’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Dog Agility Trial Environment

NEW Online Mentoring Program - Agility Trial Life Skills

Oh my gosh, my 1st agility trial felt like a disaster. My dog and I showed up without treats, without a crate and it turns out she’d never seen a full size table and kept going under it during our run. I somehow survived, thanks to those newly made agility friends, and now it’s time […]

AKC Statement Regarding Dog Flu and Best Practices

Lots of information and speculation flying through the internet and throughout dog circles about the Canine Influenza Virus. I’m sharing a post I received from the AKC on the topic, please do forward this information. On a personal note, my family has made the choice to treat this like we would the human flu (note: I do […]

How To Easily Track Those Agility Titles

3-Step FREEBIE Worksheet to Track Qs, Titles and Official Results

I recently moved across the country (literally from Seattle, WA to South Florida) and during that process I took some time off of competing in agility to settle myself, my hubby and my 4-legged family into our new location (we’re loving it here by the way!). Now it’s time to get back in the game […]