Weave Entries Are Now My Friend!

7 Days Toward Weave Entry Agility Training

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 7 days focusing on just the weave entry and look at what we were able to accomplish! Click the video to see. Great agility runs aren’t produced with sweeping overhauls, but they are created one small moment at a time. My small but powerful moment came after an intensive seminar where my dog kept missing […]

Why Challenging Weave Entries Are An Advantage

Shhhhhh....Don't Tell Your Competition!

What is the first word that pops into your head when I say “Weave Poles?” I recently asked this question on Facebook and the reactions were clearly in one of two camps. Agility handlers either love or dread the weave pole obstacle. Now add a challenging weave entry to the mix and their current feelings intensified. The result […]

New Training Available Soon!

Pre-Release Sale Through October 25, 2016.


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If you choose to place your goals, efforts, initiatives and agility worth solely on qualifying runs and titles, you will end up feeling robbed, cheated and disappointed when an unmanageable issue unexpectedly arrives and dashes that run’s dream away. – Lisa Selthofer