Ultimate Cyber WEEK Special!

Up to 80% Off

Welcome to my Cyber Monday – Sunday sale top products are up to 80% off!   Start with 80% off this 14 Module Training program which uses real agility sequences to train skills such as handling, distance, working close and focus skills. Perfect for both beginner agility enthusiasts and experienced handlers who would like to […]

4 Behaviors That Could Mean Trouble for Your Dog

Menacing, Charging, Barking and Zoomies Oh My!

When a vague Facebook post falsely gave the impression that Novice dogs were being excused and written up at a trial for things like barking and having a case of the zoomies around the agility ring, the internet went wild! Statements like: “Tell us who the judges were so we don’t show under them!”, “Judge’s […]

The Top 10 Behaviours of Expert Animal Trainers

By Steve Martin

Strangers ask me all the time “What do you do for a living?” and while I usually give a vague answer like “I get paid to play with dogs”, anyone who trains dogs and has a deep desire to see them succeed knows that the real answer is far more in depth and way more […]

Are You Clear On How To Achieve Those Agility Goals?

4 Things That Prevent Clarity and Negatively Impact Goals

Dog agility requires a unique blendĀ of skill sets. Dog training, equipment execution, handling communication, course analysis and physical requirements just to name a few. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching & judging many successful agility teams over the years. Most of them come to me missing one key item. Clarity. What is clarity in dog […]