UKI Open Courses 2017 – Friday

To read about my amazingly spectacular and fun 4-Day UKI Open experience, Click HERE Ring size is approximately 130 x 130 (actual was more like 140 x 140) Snooker Briefing: Times are as follows: Regular Height 8″ 12″ 16″ 20″ 22″ 24″ Times 48 sec 45 sec Select Height 4 s 8 s 12 s […]

How to Make Small Space Training Even Smaller

The majority of my agility clients train in small spaces and still manage to achieve BIG things at agility competitions! What about when a small space feels more like a micro-space? What then? In my weekly online resource, Sequencing to Courses, I created 4 cheat sheets that guide handlers on how to work within the space […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Agility Courses

What to Include In Your Practice Setups

(Pssst…don’t forget to get your FREE Checklists What You Should BRING to a Dog Agility Trial & What You Should Do AFTER. Links are at the end of this article) When I first started designing agility courses (circa 1997), my desire was to excel in the skill of agility course design and I continued to work hard […]

ONE Thing That Is Negatively Impacting Your Agility Skills

This ONE Thing Is Negatively Impacting Your Agility Skills I had a HUGE personal epiphany regarding dog agility training last week. It was so obvious and yet nobody is talking about it, which tells me there are LOTS of people out there overlooking it too. So here’s the thing, we all know how important it […]

AKC National Agility Championship Courses – 2016

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More AKC Premier Class Challenge Ideas

Premier Class Training Sequences

I’m always looking for training sequences to challenge my handling skills and today the AKC Agility Team introduced this diagram in the latest AKC Agility Judge’s Newsletter. The context of the diagram is to share additional Premier Class challenges judges may incorporate into their course design and these sequences provide excellent training material for handlers of all levels. Enjoy […]

AKC Agility Suspends Use of Chute Obstacle

ANNOUNCEMENT! I just received this from the AKC Agility Department. GREAT news for the safety of our dogs! Dear Judges – The following statement has been sent out to all AKC licensed agility clubs: This past week, The American Kennel Club Agility department held their annual field representative meeting. During the meeting, the staff reviewed […]