Criticism – Who Cares!

Definition of Criticism: 1. The act of criticizing, especially adversely. 2. A critical or unfavorable comment or judgment. 3. an act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything.   Today someone asked “What do you think about the criticism XYZ-person is saying about you?” My response was “Ya know what I think about XYZ-person? Nothing. I […]

And We Learn

Someone once told me that “We’re presented with situations in life so that we can learn from them.” I’ve found that keeping this phrase in mind has been incredibly helpful, especially while in a moment of conflict. I was recently remembering a challenging judging situation from about 15 years ago where I observed that: When […]

Adults Bullying in the Dog World – It’s Time to Stop

Bullying – Kudos To The First To Bring It Up The February/March Clean Run Magazine featured an Editorial on Bullying in Agility. Understandably, the author chose to use the pen name ‘Anonymous’. Who can blame them? After all, it’s the bullies who talk the loudest, push their beliefs the hardest, and claim justification in their […]

Agility Judging and Who Our Customers Are

As an AKC Agility Judge, I have the pleasure of traveling around the country and judging dogs of all shapes and sizes. Since I’ve been doing this for a decade now, I took a moment to share some of my thoughts on the AKC Judge’s List. Here they are: ******************Over the last several years, I’ve […]

As a Special “Thank You!”…

 It’s that time of year…time for giving thanks!  As a special thank you to all our Spot on Agility clients, followers, subscribers, and fellow agility competitors worldwide, we are offering 25% off our popular re-released Spot on Agility 2on2off Dog Agility Contact Training DVD from November 24-29, 2011! Regularly $29.99, for a limited time you can purchase […]

AKC Agility Nationals 2012 – Day 3

It’s the last day of the 2012 AKC Agility Nationals and winners in each class will go home with one of the lovely trophies pictured on the left. Today was the Hybrid Course, the Challenger’s Course and lastly, The Finals Courses. I also had an unexpected surprise…I had another opportunity to run Luke, the Golden […]

Client Success – I’m so Happy I could Burst!

  As the title suggests, I’m so happy I could just burst! But before I self-implode in my excitement, I’m determined to get this story on paper so I can remember this moment. After all, sometimes you’re successful in building a relationship between a client and their dog and other times they just don’t want […]

Dog Health Resources

Household Medications for Pets – Link National Animal Poison Control Center – NAPCC Center for Veterinerary Medicine – FDA Anatomy, Articles, Graphics & Information – Tons of Information Orthopedic Information for Animals – OFA Canine Seizure Information – The Epi Guardian Angels Canine Epilepsy Information – Dog Epilepsy Research Canine Medical Information – Adverse Reactions to Meds Lyme Disease Foundation – LDF Deaf Dog […]

Deaf Dog Resources

Deaf Dog Education Fund – Link Training a Deaf Dog – Link Vibrating Collar – To Build Your Own Clicker Training for Deaf Dogs – Link Barry Eaton, Deaf Dog Trainer in UK – Link Deaf Dog Atlas – Link Article from Whole Dog Journal on Deaf Dogs – Link Spirit of Deaf Dogs – Link