Confessions of a Dog Agility Judge – What Happens to Your Scribe Sheets

Why Timely Record Keeping Is Important

Ever wonder what happens to your scribe sheets after an agility trial? Well, I’m here to solve that mystery and share how this could potentially have a negative impact if you’re not timely when it comes to record keeping. So here’s what happens to those scribe sheets. First, I bring them home. Whether it’s in my […]

Did You Know? Upcoming AKC Agility Changes

Table, Jump Heights, ISC and Premier JWW Times

SUMMARY OF UPCOMING AKC AGILITY CHANGES Equipment Changes to ISC (effective April 1, 2017) – To View the AKC PDF Document on ISC Changes – Click Here   Table Height Changes (effective Jan 2, 2018 & cannot be used prior): It will be required that the table edge and table top be of a color in […]

What You Should Do AFTER a Dog Agility Trial

Another FREE Checklist to Download

I’ve got ANOTHER free goodie for you! (If you missed last week’s freebie checklist on What You Should Bring to a Dog Agility Trial, just click HERE and I’ll get you hooked up.) Let’s talk about this next checklist! After a dog agility trial, I’m tired. My dog is tired. Sometimes there is a long […]

What You Should Bring to a Dog Agility Trial

FREE Checklist to Download

I’ve got a FREEBIE for you! Some weekends I feel like I live on the road as I either head out to a local agility trial or travel to another state that requires an overnight stay in an entirely different climate. There’s nothing worse than reaching my destination to realize I’ve forgotten something. Once it […]

Don’t Miss Dog Agility at Westminster

TV Schedule Airing Feb 12th and 13th, 2017

Agility at Westminster! Sunday, February 12th, 2017 Channel Finder 8pm-10pm Eastern Time Masters Agility Championship at Westminster Finals. FOX Sports GO Monday, February 13th, 2017 8:30am-5pm Eastern Time Breed judging, Junior Showmanship Preliminaries and Masters Obedience Championship (Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Breeds). Streaming LI TV-Schedule Click HERE

The Key to Success In Agility

The Lesson I Learned From Merger That Changed My Life

I want to thank EVERYONE for the incredible outpouring of support, empathy, prayers and kindness you’ve shown Dan and I on the passing of our young dog Merger. It’s never easy to lose a part of your soul and that’s what happens when you welcome a pet into your home – they become a part […]

Dream Up The Good Life

Still Comparing Yourself to Others?

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As an agility coach, I’m both excited and concerned when I hear clients say “I want to handle my dog like so-and-so (insert the local agility hero’s name)…” I’m excited because this shows the client has aspirations, goals, drive and they want to continue in their agility journey. I’m concerned because often this same client […]

Agility Equipment for Sale – WA State

Location: Kent, WA I’m selling my EXTRA agility equipment. Since my friends and students want to be sure I’ll still be around – Yes, all that is for sale is extra stuff and I’ll still have over 1 ring of equipment for my use (clearly I collect agility stuff!) All of it is in great shape, well-maintained […]

Don’t Volunteer, Instead Embrace Teamwork

  There has been a lot of chatter lately about agility and volunteers. How some people never volunteer, how others always volunteer, how to treat volunteers, volunteer perks such as meals, raffles, special crating, valet parking, vouchers, priority entries and more.   For weeks I’ve been trying to verbalize my thoughts on volunteering (yes, really […]

Agility Tattoos, Let’s See Some Ink!

  Today’s blog is dedicated to something not so commonly talked about…agility tattoos. I’m going to show my age a bit, but I come from a conservative background and era where tattoos were hardcore and associated with a certain ‘type’ of person. Not so any more!   Today’s tattoos are works of art with feminine […]

Agility Judging Adventures Casper WY Day 2

Friday Night in Casper, WY

This post will be funnier if you read about my agility judging adventures from Thursday Night in Casper, WY first. After returning from the dog show, I stop in the hotel lounge/restaurant to grab something to drink to take back to my room before heading out with the club to dinner. I notice a band […]

Just Give me 1 minute Please – Judging Stories

  Often people think judging is glamorous, exciting & royalty-like. While those things are a bit of anexaggeration, judging is still a great personal experience and you come up with the goofiest things to share. A fellow judge and I were talking about some of our experiences and inevitably, exhibitor etiquette came up. In this […]

Me, Myself and I Syndrome

Today I reached my tolerance limit pertaining to those who want, want more, fail to appreciate the time and effort donated, tell you how it should have been done rather than admiring what was done (although they failed to show up when you were asking for their advice)  and overall, choose to criticize what they […]

Heat Stroke In Dogs – Article

HEAT STROKE Heat stroke is an emergency that requires immediate recognition and prompt treatment. Dogs do not tolerate high temperatures as well as humans. They depend upon rapid breathing to exchange warm air for cool air. Accordingly when air temperature is close to body temperature, cooling by rapid breathing is not and efficient process. Dogs […]

Bioengineered Animals – Article

Bioengineered Animals is the latest advancement which could significantly effect our food source, our health and our medical testing. As with all items, there are pros and cons, but I think it’s time we started to educate ourselves on the terminology and potential effects (both good and bad) of the future of our food source.Below […]

Dog Theft on the Rise – Article

Originally posted August 6, 2008:We’ve certainly noticed this in our area. Interesting that this is happening across the country. FYI – From the SPCA Dear Friends and Supporters, We have heard some disturbing news related to the slowing economy and your pets’ safety. Reports of pet theft have dramatically increased this year – in fact, […]

Is Your Pet Prepared for an Emergency – Article

Sent on July 10, 2008:Article on the SPCA Website: Summer has proven to be a very busy season for natural and manmade disasters from wildland fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and the ever unpredictable earthquake. With the first official day of summer being Saturday, June 21st it is a good time to prepare yourself and your […]

Dog Food Info Video – Part 2 (How To Read The Label)

This is Part 2 of the Dog Food Video education post. We recommend you read and view Part 1 prior to jumping in to this post. As I mentioned in Part 1, veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker has put together two great educational videos focusing on Dog Food. Part 1reviewed the different types of foods that are […]