The Top 10 Behaviours of Expert Animal Trainers

By Steve Martin

Strangers ask me all the time “What do you do for a living?” and while I usually give a vague answer like “I get paid to play with dogs”, anyone who trains dogs and has a deep desire to see them succeed knows that the real answer is far more in depth and way more […]

How to Clean Up After Playing With Dogs

Old Fashioned Laundry Soap Recipe

If you have dogs, you have laundry. Dirty and/or potentially stinky laundry to be exact. Those in the know understand that having an active dog means a lifetime of mud, dust, sand and even that dreaded ‘wet dog’ smell. Regardless of what you wear or what your dog lays on, a good laundry detergent is […]

Agility Community Looses One of the Best Gate Stewards EVER!

Dolores Weiss

I wrote this post for the Pacific Northwest Agility group, but it seems fitting to share with everyone. Many of you may remember Dan & Dolores Weiss, they visited the PNW about 10 years ago on their trip to/from the Southeastern part of the country as they were RVing on vacation to Alaska. A lovely […]

How to Make Small Space Training Even Smaller

The majority of my agility clients train in small spaces and still manage to achieve BIG things at agility competitions! What about when a small space feels more like a micro-space? What then? In my weekly online resource, Sequencing to Courses, I created 4 cheat sheets that guide handlers on how to work within the space […]

4 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Dog Trainer

The monetary price of a great dog trainer can be steep. After all, you are often paying for their experience, knowledge, hands-on training, continuing education (so they can share the most current information with you) and so much more. Here’s the real question. After you sign-up and write that check, are you getting the most […]

AKC Statement Regarding Dog Flu and Best Practices

Lots of information and speculation flying through the internet and throughout dog circles about the Canine Influenza Virus. I’m sharing a post I received from the AKC on the topic, please do forward this information. On a personal note, my family has made the choice to treat this like we would the human flu (note: I do […]

Got a Tunnel or A-Frame Sucking Dog?

Sequences Designed to By-Pass The Tunnel and A-Frame

A client recently requested a sequence that was geared toward working their amazing dog who LOVES a-frames. You know, loves them enough to run across the ring just to take the obstacle. That reminded me of that OTHER obstacle that seems to silently call dogs from afar…the tunnel. So I thought, why not combine them […]

See Spot Do The Locomotion

Learning About Dog Motion

Cue the music “Do the Locomotion With Me” Lyrics: Everybody’s doing a brand-new dance, now / (Come on baby, do the loco-motion) / I know you’ll get to like it if you give it a chance now / (Come on baby, do the loco-motion) Everyday we watch our dogs walk and run through the house, the […]

How To Easily Track Those Agility Titles

3-Step FREEBIE Worksheet to Track Qs, Titles and Official Results

I recently moved across the country (literally from Seattle, WA to South Florida) and during that process I took some time off of competing in agility to settle myself, my hubby and my 4-legged family into our new location (we’re loving it here by the way!). Now it’s time to get back in the game […]

Confessions of a Dog Agility Judge – What Happens to Your Scribe Sheets

Why Timely Record Keeping Is Important

Ever wonder what happens to your scribe sheets after an agility trial? Well, I’m here to solve that mystery and share how this could potentially have a negative impact if you’re not timely when it comes to record keeping. So here’s what happens to those scribe sheets. First, I bring them home. Whether it’s in my […]

It’s Time To Talk About Boobs In Agility

Introducing Mary Helen Shashy - Cheata Bras

Men, you may want to stealthily move on to the next blog post…unless of course you care about your lady’s chest comfort and well-being when it comes time to run in agility. Then by all means, stay! First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room (or in this case, what we see on the agility […]

Capturing the Image of Our Dogs

Meet Laura Rothstein - Animal Portraits

A few weeks ago while I was doing a random Facebook scroll (I’m hooked on seeing everyone’s cute, funny and adorable animal pictures/videos), I spotted what I thought was a digitally softened photograph (pictured to the left) and my search took an entirely new direction. The post said “…I love the stark white background for the portrait […]

Did You Know? Upcoming AKC Agility Changes

Table, Jump Heights, ISC and Premier JWW Times

SUMMARY OF UPCOMING AKC AGILITY CHANGES Equipment Changes to ISC (effective April 1, 2017) – To View the AKC PDF Document on ISC Changes – Click Here   Table Height Changes (effective Jan 2, 2018 & cannot be used prior): It will be required that the table edge and table top be of a color in […]

What You Should Do AFTER a Dog Agility Trial

Another FREE Checklist to Download

I’ve got ANOTHER free goodie for you! (If you missed last week’s freebie checklist on What You Should Bring to a Dog Agility Trial, just click HERE and I’ll get you hooked up.) Let’s talk about this next checklist! After a dog agility trial, I’m tired. My dog is tired. Sometimes there is a long […]

What You Should Bring to a Dog Agility Trial

FREE Checklist to Download

I’ve got a FREEBIE for you! Some weekends I feel like I live on the road as I either head out to a local agility trial or travel to another state that requires an overnight stay in an entirely different climate. There’s nothing worse than reaching my destination to realize I’ve forgotten something. Once it […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Agility Courses

What to Include In Your Practice Setups

(Pssst…don’t forget to get your FREE Checklists What You Should BRING to a Dog Agility Trial & What You Should Do AFTER. Links are at the end of this article) When I first started designing agility courses (circa 1997), my desire was to excel in the skill of agility course design and I continued to work hard […]

Lisa’s Favorite Little Agility Sequences – No 113

This is the classical pinwheel with a twist at the end. Share with handlers of all levels and be sure to sign-up using the form below if you would like to receive future sequences in your email. Happy Handling! Lisa Selthofer First Name * Email * What’s Your Current Dog Agility Experience Level? * Beginner […]