AKC Agility Suspends Use of Chute Obstacle

ANNOUNCEMENT! I just received this from the AKC Agility Department. GREAT news for the safety of our dogs!

Dear Judges –

The following statement has been sent out to all AKC licensed agility clubs:

This past week, The American Kennel Club Agility department held their annual field representative meeting. During the meeting, the staff reviewed concerns raised by the Agility community involving the collapsed tunnel. This obstacle has been shown to cause issues as performances have become faster and higher level classes have become more complex.

After their review, the Agility Field Representatives agreed unanimously to suspend the use of the collapsed tunnel effective immediately. Based upon the Agility department’s recommendation, Sports and Events Senior Management contacted the AKC Board of Directors to request immediate action. The Board concurred that the concern regarding the safety of the dogs was the first priority.

As of August 30, 2016, the AKC will suspend the use of the collapsed tunnel in all courses until the concerns can be resolved. Judges will be contacted by their Field Representative to review how to adopt this immediate change.

Thank you to the Agility community for working in partnership with the AKC to bring positive changes to our sport.

For any trials from now through September 11,  you are to swap the chute out if you have on your courses for a jump or a tunnel if available.  If you have any questions on changing something you may send it to your reviewing rep or myself at cxd2@akc.org for a quick re-look.

For trials Sept 12 on please resubmit your courses that have chutes that need to be replaced with another obstacle.

Please contact your Rep with any questions.

Thank you so much for your support during this transition.




Carrie DeYoung

Director of Agility

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