Agility Tattoos, Let’s See Some Ink!


Today’s blog is dedicated to something not so commonly talked about…agility tattoos.

I’m going to show my age a bit, but I come from a conservative background and era where tattoos were hardcore and associated with a certain ‘type’ of person. Not so any more!

Today’s tattoos are works of art with feminine styles for the ladies, softer lines and shading to create depth and bring a sense of realness to the inked picture. Best yet – tattoos can be found on all sorts of people and they always include a story!

A few days ago, I joined the ranks of those dog lovers who have permanently inked their dog onto their skin and I’m THRILLED with the results. As you can see in the first picture, I chose my first agility dog, a Dalmatian named Pinky.

What’s my story?

Well, this is the dog who started me on an incredible journey in the dog agility world. She poured her heart into agility and taught me some amazing lessons about winning, loosing, how to tackle challenges and the type of agility person I want to be.

In my personal life, she saw me through some tough years, she taught me how to smile more (Dalmatians are smiling dogs), she encouraged me when I was sick, she cuddled with me every night and she literally licked away a few tears when life was a bit scary. She taught me that the journey really is the reward and I don’t ever want to loose those lessons. For me, the mere sight of her is a reminder of so many wonderful things as well as the reminder of who I am…especially through her eyes. Simply put, seeing her brings me peace.

More Tattoos and Their Stories:

Tattoos aren’t for everyone. Regardless, we can certainly appreciate the art (and maybe envy) those who took the plunge. Here are a few other amazing tattoos and the stories from fellow dog agility lovers. Enjoy!

Dave’s story of his tattoo of Penny, a chocolate lab.

Dave was looking for a companion and having temporarily sworn off of women, he thought a dog was sure to be a lot less of a hassle <g>. Penny chose Dave by following him around and patiently waiting for him to notice her (just like a real lady would!).

She was his companion and the need to train her ‘forced’ him to ‘get out there’ and soon lead him to dog competition sports. By the time she passed she had earned 18 AKC titles in a variety of disciplines. The one thing that she loved and excelled at more than anything else was hunting.

The tattoo was done 18 months after she passed and is over Dave’s heart which represents her as an “angel”. Dave didn’t want some cutesly thing with wings and such, but if you look close you can see the cloud lines underneath her and the yellow.

Susan’s tattoo is a celtic heart, Runes that spell ‘Lillan’, her heart dog, that she just lost a few months ago



Jody’s tattoo has the Kanji symbol which means “Teamwork”, which is next to the dog.

Tying in with the other parts of her life, the Japanese cherry blossoms have to do with Jody’s divorce, being empowered to walk away from an 18yr relationship and starting over.

Tammy and her Aussie Stormy.

Stormy is Tammy’s heart dog and she got the tattoo so she will always have Stormy with her even when dogs are not allowed. A blue-eyed pricked-ear Merle Aussie is one of a kind!











I KNOW there are many more amazing dog-related tattoos out there. Send me your pictures and I’ll be happy to include yours in a follow up blog!


In the meantime, enjoy the ink!

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