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Location: Kent, WA

I’m selling my EXTRA agility equipment. Since my friends and students want to be sure I’ll still be around – Yes, all that is for sale is extra stuff and I’ll still have over 1 ring of equipment for my use (clearly I collect agility stuff!)

All of it is in great shape, well-maintained and competition approved (unless noted) & the Cargo Hauler I used to transport & store the agility equipment. Below are pictures and details (Note, items with Pending are awaiting payment & pick-up. If you would like to be on a wait list for an item, please contact me):


Tire & Metal Frame $150 – See picture below – Steel tubing with powder coating, wide/long legs for stability & tire is a hollow light-weight material (striping needs to be redone & is not a break-away).

Pause Table, metal frame & legs w/ competition height legs $150 – sand surface, blue with yellow sides and legs (metal steel tubing), painted in the last few years.

Wingless Jumps $65 each (I have about 15) – See picture below (Note: for $10, these jumps can EASILY be converted to have flexible jump cups) – Steel tubing 1 piece jumps, leg turns in for easy storage. Jump cups from 4″ to 26″, includes 1 bar (striping may need to be done on bar). Jumps easily ‘displace if dog bumps into, but stay up in wind. Here is link for flexible jump cup strips ( Jumps are treated with Rustoleum and are white. Buy 4 or more, price goes down to $60 each. Buy 10 or more, price goes down to $50 each.

Chute Barrel USDAA (smaller circumference) & attached metal base $75 (See picture below)

Sets of Numbered Cones $25 – various sets

Fast Flags & Poles $50 – flags are white, pvc posts

Weave Poles – all in excellent condition

  • Uprights $125 – 12 poles, 2-6 pole sections, 20″ spacing, powder coated, GREAT condition & perfect for training, especially if you have a smaller space. These are a must have!
  • Channels $50 – 6 pole section, 22″ spacing, powder coated

Wooden Training Ladder $25 – 2 sections, great for teaching dogs foot work, red. (see picture below)


There is a ton of misc. items so if you’re looking for something, let me know.



For Sale - Agility Equipment


As a 20+ year dog agility coach, I am passionate about producing quality resources for dog agility teams by promoting self-development and delivering clear and specific training solutions that enable teams' to perform with clarity and confidence!

My unique experience as a hands-on trainer and 18+ year dog agility judge led me to create Sequencing For Success and the highly successful 2on-2off Contact Training DVD.

Our household has included Dalmatians, Labradors, Belgian Tervuren, Border Collies and engaging cats.

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