Premier Standard Agility Course Maps

AKC Agility Course Maps

Agility Course Maps Premier JWW

Agility Course Maps Premier StandardAgility course maps for the new AKC Agility Premier Class are now becoming available for handlers. Since the class is new, it will be interesting to see what challenges judges incorporate and how handlers rise to the meet them.

Agility Course Maps – AKC Premier Standard & JWW

The Premier Standard and JWW courses have several challenges, including:

  • A push to the backside of the jump.
  • A challenging weave pole entry.
  • Large spacing between obstacles.
  • Shorter spacing between obstacles.
  • Bi-directional obstacle option.

As a side note, handlers did a great job moving their dogs through the course. They definitely had the skills needed to be successful in this new class.


Agility Course Maps Premier JWW

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