Anticipation Make Me Blush
Ru is the youngest member of the Selthofer Clan, at 7 months of age.
I’ve searched far and wide for another Dalmatian and am so very pleased with EVERYTHING I got in this wonderful little liver girl.
Ru’s got plenty of spunk and a fun amount of sassiness which makes her just perfect for me!  Her grandmother’s name was Sassafras so I shouldn’t be surprised <g>  She cracks me up with her terrific attitude which has just the right amount of curiosity, silliness, no fear and an abundance of love mixed in.
Even at 6 months, Ru had an incredible amount of focus when it’s time to work and she is the only dog I’ve owned who will seek out the Agility contact obstacles on her own to play on.
Ru’s first trip will be in the Conformation Ring in August 2008 with her Auntie Angel.
September 2011 – How time flies! Rouge is in Open AKC Agility and is an absolute love to be around.
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