In early September 2008, Dan flew to California to pick up 14 month old Burton, the newest member of our household!
Dan plans to do hunting, obedience, agility and more.  Of course Burton’s first task will be to get comfy in the passenger seat of Dan’s truck as the two of them bond over “man time”.
November 2008 – Burton’s settled in quite nicely and loves to snuggle with us humans and his new best friend, our Dalmatian Rouge.  Both Ru and Burton LOVE to snuggle and sleep cuddled together.  Oh and did we mention Ru & Burton LOVE to run, play, chase and tackle each other? My best advice once they get going is to be sure you’ve keep “bent knees” if you’re standing in their path!
September 2011 – Holy cow, it’s been way too long since we’ve done an update on Burton!
Burton is WONDERFUL! He is fun, loving and a blast to have around.
In the last several years, Burton has been doing Agility, Dock Diving and some Hunt Test Training. As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so check out the pictures below…