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Hi, I’m Lisa Selthofer, creator of the 2on-2off Contact Training DVD & Sequencing For Success agility training program. As a successful dog agility competitor since 1996, American Kennel Club (AKC) Agility Judge since 1999, former 20 year Corporate Trainer, Mentor and Coach and founder of Spot On Agility – the dog agility lifestyle blog and E-Learning training resource, I’m thrilled to share decades of hard-earned experience with fellow agility enthusiasts!

My passion is to help dog agility handlers by delivering clear & specific training solutions that enable teams to perform with clarity and confidence.

I’ll never ask you to forego your previous training or scrap those agility lessons mastered. Instead, I would love for you to build upon the traits that make your team great, to challenge your weaknesses with growth and to continue to refine and increase your skill sets so that you can successfully tackle the evolving challenges of today’s agility course options.




Zulu 2on2off position roundedMY CONTENT

For decades my passion has been assisting people through coaching and training.

I consider myself a realist and believe that success in dog agility requires balance in all areas of life. So, my training parallels that belief and is designed to be done in short time periods, while producing quality results.

This website, while mainly Dog Agility related, is a combination of topics my clients have requested. Items such as courses, equipment, trial situations and the topic of healthy handlers (mentally and physically) are just some of the things that are important. Dog Sports are team driven and both ends of the leash deserve quality care and attention.


Dan and Lisa Selthofer

Dan and Lisa Selthofer


My husband Dan and I have been active dog agility enthusiasts for a combined total of over 40 years. We compete, train and are active American Kennel Club (AKC) Agility Judges. By the way, I am a HUGE fan and participant of USDAA (I had the 1st ADCH Dalmatian), UKI, NADAC and other agility organizations. In fact, Dan and I met at an agility trial and 3 years later were married in a beautiful dog training facility with our dogs & agility friends in attendance!

More recently, we made a choice to care for ourselves with the same quality and commitment as we provide our dogs.

We realized that if we wanted to continue to achieve our dog agility and life goals, it was time to give more attention to those experiences, priorities and activities that make us well-rounded, happy and healthy. By creating balance, we became better handlers and trainers to our dogs.


DSC_0008 - Copy rounded cornersMY DOGS

Dalmatian ADCH MACH2 Pinky CD who qualified for the AKC Invitationals in 2006 & 2007 and for the AKC Nationals in each year she actively competed  in Agility as well as the USDAA Nationals. Please feel free to read Pinky, Let’s Celebrate the Agility Journey.

Dalmatian Ruby NA, NAJ

Dalmatian Rouge OA

A deaf Dalmatian puppy

Border Collie, MACH Spot who consistently qualified for the AKC Nationals

Border Collie, Merger

Border Collie Ch. Coal EA, OAJ,

Border Collie Zulu

Labrador MACH PAX Sadie

Labrador Burton

Belgian Tervuran CAN. CH Rylee

Labrador Chaos


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